Words for a Purpose

– Motto of Translation Girls- 

Translation Girls works with individuals, corporations, NGOs and official units to deliver star quality translation and write-up assignments in Japanese, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), and English.

Our clients find our work fantastic. The work quality of Translation Girls is unparallelled and supreme. It is because we believe the power of words and the purposes of words.

Translation Girls is a group of young, curious and smart girls who have an infinite energy in words and writing. A well mix of creativity, a good common sense and in-dept knowledge of the purposes of every assignment, Translation Girls produces copies and translation write-ups not just satisfying but out-performing.

We believe in quality followed by quantity and long term cooperation. Aiming in providing the client have excellent experience of feeling every single pieces of translation is tailor made for the original text and target audience, which means down to earth, localised, sharp, research study project by project, subject by subject even to terms by terms, professional consultant in law, fashion, real estate & property development.

Brands and products we have been engaged are showcase in the Track Records sessions and we are enriching it from time to time.

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